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Hi all you new fourth graders-I can’t wait to see each of you!  The class website has changed to:  mskirstensclass.blogspot.com  Check it out for beginning-of-the-year information.  It will also be the place for class events & news, photos, downloadable homework and more.  Also, you can e-mail me at  kwilliams@canyonrimacademy.org .  I would love to hear a bit about you and what you’ve been doing this summer!

Ms. Kirsten

Phases of the Moon


Here is a video…um, rap?…that we’ve been watching to practice the phases of the moon.  I’ll be testing the kids tomorrow on each phase, so they asked if I’d post the video for them to practice.  Good luck!

Mr. Lees Phases of the Moon

A Day of Olympic Proportions


Not to overstate it, but this may have been the kids’ favorite day of our traveling unit so far!  Yes, it may have been the coldest day of an otherwise sunny week.  And yes, there may have been a moment of snow.  But there also was some fierce competition going on to be “faster, higher, stronger”, as the Olympic motto goes.  It all ended in an awards ceremony, with winners being crowned in true, ancient Olympic style.  We tried some Greek food (thank you to all those that sent food) and watched classic Olympic event moments, like Michael Phelps and the USA swim team barely winning gold, Kristi Yamaguchi’s performance, and the lighting of the 2002 Salt Lake torch.  What a day!


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That afternoon, the kids had another special surprise.  Bryanna’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wyss, had the incredible opportunity to each carry and pass the torch in the 2002 Olympics.  They gave the kids some background on that process, and even let each of the kids hold their very special Olympic torches.  Check it out!


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Rap it up!


I’m sure you would not be surprised to see how multi-talented the kids in this class are!  But their latest endeavor?  Rapping!  When we learned about prefixes and suffixes, the students had a hard time remembering what each prefix or suffix meant, so we wrote our own raps to practice.  Abe and the Kaelin family were so fabulous to put together some music for the kids to rap to, and we performed them for each other and even Ms. Merry!   She was so kind to videotape the raps…twice, when the video camera stopped working…and even edited the video.  Below are the clips of each group.  They did a great job!

Welcome to Japan…


Ever wonder what your kid would look like as a 400-lb sumo wrestler?  Probably not.  But we found out anyway, to the cue of “On your mark, get set, wrestle!”.  Here are the infamous pictures of the kids sumo wrestling on the day we “visited” Japan.  I don’t think they’ll ever forget this trip (or what a sumo wrestler is)!


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Today we had a fun time practicing our South American dance moves by learning some zumba!  Ms. Gonzalez, a 4th grade teacher, is a certified Zumba instructor and was so kind to teach the kids some dances.  Here are some pictures of our class and Ms. Allen’s class “shakin’ it”!




Pete the Cat


First of all, I would like to thank several families that bought for our class books or gift certificates from the book fair.  Thank you!  Using gift certificates, I was able to buy the book Pete the Cat by Eric Litwin.  We read it today and the kids LOVED it!  We went online and listened to the song from the book, called “I Love My White Shoes”, which I think I will be singing over and over even as I lay in bed falling asleep tonight!  There are some other fun games, songs and videos on the site, that the kids wanted to check out at home.  So I’m including a link to the site, and hope you enjoy!



Parent Teacher Conferences are next week and I am looking forward to meeting with each of you!  Below is the schedule of times.

Measuring word problems


This week and last week, we’ve been learning about measuring to the nearest half inch and centimeter, along with learning to measure using feet and meters.  Part of the Common Core math standard includes students being able to use addition and subtraction of length to solve word problems.  And so began our exciting venture into the more complicated world of word problems.  We started out by learning how to solve them through a strategy called Model Drawing. Eventually we began writing our own length word problems as a class.  Two of the most common mistakes 2nd graders make when solving word problems are 1. being confused by extra information in the problem and 2. taking the time to find out what the question is asking (most of the time they’ll just find the two numbers in the problem and add them together, no matter what!).  To avoid this from the beginning, we’ve started including ”useless information” as we write our own word problems, and have included two different questions to be solved.  And let me tell you, the kids have had a grand time with this!  We’ve even reviewed parts of speech as the kids have looked for more and more adjectives to thrown in!  Here is one particular word problem we wrote together that was really cracking them up…  See if you can solve all of the questions being asked!

Chinese New Year


Okay, so maybe we’re a week or two late, but we sure had fun celebrating Chinese New Year today!  This afternoon we flew to China, used our passports for the first time, and were greeted by a rice paddy worker.  Then the kids grabbed their Chinese lanterns and the dragons they had made, along with the “pearl” that the dragon chases, according to Chinese legend.  We met up with the two other 2nd grade classes and joined in on a Chinese New Year dragon parade.  We even had an audience of older students watching as we paraded through the school!  Everyone was so excited!  We are a little sad to be back from our mini-vacation but are looking forward to visiting India next week. 


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